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Powerhouse At The Foot Of The Mountain (From San Jacinto)

Grokus - 29.12.2019 - Classic Rock /


  1. We saw the San Jacinto Mountain at the the Hot Springs. It was attractive. We went up with our car to see the San Jacinto Mountain. It was beautiful. The views were the best of all. Wow! I will never forget this. Wow! There was a campground. However, the San Jacinto TripAdvisor reviews.
  2. At the top, Mountain Station offers bathrooms, and interpretive center, gift shops, a bar, a food court, and a sit down restaurant. You could just make a trip out of a visit there, and plenty of people do. There are a few nice short hikes and walks from the tram station that you can do if the hike to San Jacinto summit is too much for you.